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Altis commissions new Cleanroom facilities at the Innovation Hub in Pretoria South Africa 2013

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Altis obtains approval from South African medical aid companies for the reimbursement of ALTIS™ Osteogenic Bone Matrix

Altis wins second-place at the South African Breweries Social Entrepreneurship competition 2013

Altis in negotiations with Brazilian distributor seeking agency for Osteogenic Bone Matrix and DBMX products.

Altis relocates to the Innovation Hub in 2012

Altis Biologics Offices
2004- Altis Biologics, in consortium with the Tshwane University of Technology ...

The Tshwane University of Technology and Bone SA (organization incorporated not for gain) is awarded a Innovation Fund Grant totalling R14.8 million (2.1 million USD) to develop porcine bone morphogenetic protein complex as a human bone regeneration biomaterial.



Innovation Fund – NRF:

Market – World Study on Regenerative Medicine

International Journal of Biotech:

Certificate of recording of a Pharmacy:

Inspection by SAPC Council:

Licence number GP00099M:

Licence for the Premises:

Registration as a Responsible Pharmacist:

Altis Biologics secures...

2003- Altis Biologics secures a management contract for the start-up and running of the Centre for Tissue Engineering (CTE)...

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Altis Biologics awards license...

2004- Altis Biologics awards a license agreement to Osteogenix (Pty) Ltd for Southern Africa for the manufacture...

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