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2001:   Dr Nicolaas Duneas, CEO of Altis Biologics, develops high yield BMP complex purification technology platform, and files international patents via PCT. Patent is granted in South Africa in 2004.
2001:   Dr Duneas co-develops gamma-crosslinked collagen technology platform as delivery system for human allograft bone matrices, and files a South African patent together with co-inventor Martina Lutz which goes to grant in 2004.
2002:   A human clinical study shows a 60% healing score for a non-union patient group having a symptomatic period of 26 months, which received human BMP complex prepared according to the high yield technology of Dr Duneas..
2003:   Altis Biologics secures a management contract for the start-up and running of the Centre for Tissue Engineering (CTE), located at the Tshwane University of Technology, Pretoria, South Africa. To day, the CTE is a leading human tissue engineering organization processing over 120 different tissue engineered products.
2004:   Altis Biologics awards a license agreement to Osteogenix (Pty) Ltd for Southern Africa for the manufacture, marketing and distribution of human-derived BMP complex products applied to allograft bone tissue.
2004:   Altis Biologics, in consortium with the Tshwane University of Technology and Bone SA (organization incorporated not for gain) is awarded an Innovation Fund Grant totaling R14.8 million to develop porcine bone morphogenetic protein complex as a human bone regeneration biomaterial.
2004:   Altis Biologics and Sojitz Corporation (Japan) sign 3 year agreement whereby Sojitz is appointed as the exclusive representative of Altis Biologics in Japan.
2005:   Altis Biologics' Southern Africa human-derived BMP licensee launches Endogen IVT in the South African market, an allograft-derived product intended as a bone healing biomaterial.
2005:   Altis Biologics completes preclinical studies of Altis OBM, a porcine derived osteogenic bone matrix. Altis OBM is shown to be osteoinductive in rodents.
2005:   Altis Biologics completes preclinical studies of Altis OBM (porcine derived osteogenic bone matrix). Altis OBM is shown to be osteoinductive in rodents.
2005:   Altis Biologics is recognised in the Financial Mail and Financial Times as one of the most promising candidates for listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).
2005:   Altis Biologics facilities are inspected and approved by the South African Pharmacy Council.
2006:   Altis Biologics obtains Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification by the South African Medicines Control Council for Altis OBM.
2006:   Altis Biologics manufacturing facility receives a pharmaceutical manufacturing license from the Department of Health of South Africa.
2006:   Technology Top 100Altis Biologics receives the Da Vinci Top Technology 100 award for "most promising emerging company"
2006:   Altis Biologics receives the South African Department of Science & Technology Minister's award for its valued contribution to biotechnology industry in South Africa.
2006:   Altis Biologics obtains approval for a Phase I human clinical study for the use of Altis OBM in patients with traumatic long bone defects.
2006:   Altis Biologics commences the clinical study in humans to determine the safety of Altis OBM in long bone defects.
2007:   Altis Biologics and Pentax Corporation (Japan) reach agreement regarding co-development of BMP enhanced products./span>
2007:   Altis Biologics and Teknimed (France) reach agreement regarding research and development co-operation related to collagen products and BMP enhanced products.
2011:   Altis Biologics commences the process to re-design their current website.
2011:   Altis Biologics changes their hosting service provider to Web Operations.
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